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Now India is the largest democracy of the world. In Delhi, the capital of India, this day is celebrated with great pomp and show. At last sweets are distributed, and then we go back to our home. People whether employed or unemployed, Small businessmen, big business men, daily laborers, housewives all are enthralled by a feeling of Nationalism and celebrate the Independence Day with much patriotic fervor.

Independence Day is celebrated by the government of India every year when the current Prime Minister of India raises out tricolour national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi followed by Indian army parade, march past, National Anthem recitation, speech and other cultural activities.

Independence Day Essay

Kite flying competitions are also held on this day. It is also celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. The speech is followed by a parade of Forces including military and paramilitary forces and various cultural and ethnic groups depicting Cultural heritage of India.

Children from various educational institutions also actively participate in the functions. We need to change individually, each one of us. Kite flying competitions are also held on this day. Independence Day Essay 3 words In India, Independence Day is celebrated by the people of all religions, cultures and traditions with great joy and happiness.

We still see rapes, child labor, human trafficking, slavery in India. Independence Day Essay 4 words Independence Day in India is celebrated as national holiday every year on 15th of August when people remember the long event of independence of our Nation from the British rule.

By way of Independence Day celebrations each year the younger generation is acquainted with the struggles of the people who lived in British colonised India. Homage is paid to those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. The great non-violence movement of the Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu, helps a lot to our freedom fighters to get freedom from the British rule after long years of struggle.

The Independence Day reminds us of those patriots who fought and suffered to win freedom for us. The 15th of August is a very important day in the history of our country - India. At this special day we remember the great sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Raj Guru, Gandhiji and other dared freedom fighters for their unforgettable contribution in the independence of India.

The Indian government is improving their arms and ammunition, aircraft, defense technology to handle these treats. The morning breeze whispers to us the messages of freedom and sends a pleasant the over our body.

It is a day that reminds them of the struggle and sacrifices of the freedom fighters. The celebration is a way of invoking patriotic feelings among the people of our country to encourage them to stay united and work for its betterment.

The hard struggle for Independence of India has worked as a huge moving force for every Indian which bind them together at one place whether they belong to different castes, classes, cultures to ritual beliefs to fight them from British rule for their rights.

We are trying to get a seat in NSG group, we are counter attacking a chinese offensive string of pearls strategy.Essay on Independence Day ( to words) Freedom is as essential to an individual as it is to a State.

Eternal vigilance of the citizens can keep the freedom of the intact. Independence Day Essay 5 ( words) Independence Day is celebrated by the people of India every year on 15 th of August as a National Holiday to commemorate the independence of India from the Kingdom of Great Britain on 15 th of August in At this day, people of India pay heartily homage to the great leaders in the leadership of.

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Independence day

Independence Day Essay 1 ( words) The date, 15 th of August from in India has become a very important day in the Indian history. It was the luckiest day of year when India became independent after lots of hard struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters.

So we stand here today to celebrate this golden day in our country. This day is celebrated on a very large scale just to tell our young generation about the value of Independence Day when we can live together without any fear or conflicts.

Independence Day Speech In English For School Students Ho me > Independence Day - 1 May Indiacelebrates Independence Day on August 15 each year. India became an independent nation on August 15,so a gazetted holiday is held annually to remember this date.

Students are asked to deliver a speech on a Independence day .

About independence day in english essay help
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